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Website SEO: Get Started Today

Instead of simply asking "What is SEO?", we will do you one better and focus on "Why is SEO important to a website?" Why would your business want to optimise your website for Google?

Ultimately, it’s going to help your website rank higher in search engines and ultimately drive more traffic.

So, let's get to it!

What is SEO: An Overview

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation - but that still doesn't help, does it? To put it in layman's terms, think of SEO as being Google's way of noticing your website.

Good SEO increases your online visibility. This means that more visitors will get to see your website and with online traffic being driven up, so do your chances of providing your service or product to more customers.

Optimising your website SEO is a tried and tested method of increasing the number of visitors on your site and is one of the industry's most competitive sectors. Why? Well because Google only has 10 spots on its front page.

Google only has 10 spots on its front page

That's right, just 10! So ask yourself, when searching for something on Google, when did you ever venture off that first page into the endless abyss that is second, third, or even eleventh page of the search results? Probably you found something at the very top and didn't even scroll to the bottom.

Following that logic and behaviour, when a possible customer searches for a subject relevant to what your brand can offer, your company should be up there along your competitors. If you don't rank in one of those top ten search spots, another company just gained a new customer—or, you just lost one.

This is why SEO is important for your business: it gives your business the power to compete with the best and be the literal answer to prospective clients' questions.

So how do you link SEO with your business website and why should you actually get a site in the first place?

Websites are not supposed to stay still

Why Does My Business Need a Website?

First things first, “Why do you have a business website?” The reason behind having a business website is usually to increase sales, get prospective customer leads and share important information about your brand.

Generally, websites are not made to simply sit still and just look fresh. Don't get us wrong we definitely make them pretty, but that's only part of their job. Their job is to accomplish most or all of the above — help you show off your business and get customers in return.

So Why Does Your Website Need Good SEO?

During 2021, Google updated its SEO requirements with a focus on a website's usability. By becoming a huge piece of Google's algorithm, usability really started to influence how websites ranked on the search platform.

Business websites now have to be easily usable for Google to give any notice - and rank. This is mainly because Google wants visitors to be able to find what they want online fast and an easy-to-use website is a perfect example.

If your site does not function well, then Google will not send people there just to frustrate them. Therefore if your current website is slow to load or not user-friendly, Google will notice. As more people find your website harder to use, the search engine algorithm will in turn bury it deep down its result pages.

To make sure your digital business is on the right track and maximising its potential, book an exploratory consultation with our experts.

What SEO Can Do For Your Business

Build Trust in Your Business

SEO and user experience (UX) work together in harmony. Organically building trust through customer searches is how SEO helps your online business. Similarly, user experience is how your target audience which landed on your site actually interacts with it.

When visitors have a positive experience with your online business, this translates to more clicks on your website, higher traffic and thus higher SEO scores. When this happens increasingly more over time, Google understands that your site should be noticed and thus ranks it higher. A perpetual positive feedback loop which slowly gets your brand closer to those dreamy first 10 spots.

Target the Correct Customers

Attracting your target audience 'organically' means that your business site is appearing on peoples' Google searches because of what they have typed in and searched. Amazingly, your ideal customers can seek you out exactly based on their needs, ie. the keywords they used to search.

When customers visit your website and see you as a provider who can satisfy their needs, this in turn confirms their enthusiasm and solidifies trust. SEO is making sure all of this can happen.

SEO allows potential customers to find you, engage with you and shop with you.

SEO should always be optimised to your market language

So, Should My Business Use SEO? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! SEO is a proven and data-driven method of increasing the quality of your business' visibility, engagement and conversion. The benefits of SEO can only boost your business both online and off, making it an absolute essential tool for any company looking to leave their footprint on the web.


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