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The Blog Essentials: How to Write One and Quick

Learn the basics about sharing your business expertise with your audience through the online written medium that are blogs. Let's get to it!

A good blogger needs the right instruments

Blogging is proven to help most businesses regardless of their size or internet exposure to promote their services. Therefore, investing your time in learning how to actually write a blog post is becoming that much more necessary for your business. In the cut-throat world of online ranking and SEO, blogging is an investment your company cannot afford to miss.

There are definitely a number of different blog types going around, from foodies to goodies, but the best blogs always share certain characteristics regardless of their subject.

Whether you are writing a product review blog on Wix or a sharing business insights on your website, here are some tips on what every blog post worth its word count must have:

Tip #1 - Engage readers right away

Don't waste time, it might cost you! From the get-go, you need to keep your readers with you. To do that, choose a clear and bold headline to introduce your clear and bold blog post.

Bold, punchy titles will get your visitor's attention and also generate traffic if they’re correctly optimised for Google and other search engines - but more on that later. For now, make sure to name your blog post's headlines, sub-headings and bullet points in a manner that would make sense to you as a reader.

A successful blog post often has a clear point to make, which is generally reflected through a structured architecture of well-titled section. Focus on their quality and keep them short to help your readers find what they are looking for and most importantly, keep scrolling for more.

Tip #2 - A clear topic

Tip two of writing your own blog post is having a clear idea about what is you want to write. We have all read those endless blogs that want to be philosophical essays when they grow up, and we probably clicked away.

Don't get us wrong, it's perfectly fine to write long blogs and discuss your subject in detail - actually, please do! What is not fine however is losing your reader mid-way because of incoherent sentences or mixed-up paragraphs. It will only end in your website losing traffic.

To attract and maintain an audience which will then grow and expand your social base through shares and grow your base through social shares, you need to communicate your idea well. That means having a clearly defined blog topic, on which you are knowledgable, passionate and comfortable to write on.

Choose subject ideas that will attract your target audience, and don't shy away from reading other blog posts to learn from others.

"Be authentic. Be in the moment" – Robin Roberts, Communication Specialist

Tip #3 - Make the issue personal

The good blogs will hook their readers by advancing a problem that was initially introduced in their headline. That doesn't mean adding to the issue, but making sure the reader is aware of it!

Once you dive well into the main body of your blog post, you should emphasise the main issue the post tackles (in this case blogging) in a way that promises your reader they needs to keep reading. A simple way to succeed in keeping your visitors hooked, is by evoking their emotions. Here's a masterclass on how to do just that!

Think of blog posts as being sort of persuasive essays. Regardless of the post topics or your writing style, at the end of the day you wish to persuade your reader that you should be their last online stop.

A successful blog post will help a reader empathise with your opinion and see your point of view.

Tip #4 - Provide the solution

After you’ve introduced a clear topic, issue and headlines, it is now the time to offer your personal and unique opinion on the matter. The solution to the question you have raised.

Visitors who become loyal readers will eventually return to your blogs because they feel connected to the writer. Following their advice and once they've tasted success, readers come to identify with the blogger and relate to their distinct insights and point of view.

This is why the best blogs are the ones which express a clear idea of the blogger's feelings and take on the subject in question.


And Don’t Forget to Be Honest

Ask yourself, "Can I really be a blogger? Do I even have the time?" While skills can be picked up by smart readers like yourself, time is much more of an issue.

Before taking on blogging, ask yourself whether you have the time for a monthly, weekly or daily post - and make sure you stick to it.

Otherwise, your readers will find someone who does! See you again next week.

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