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Does Your Small Business Need Social Media?

Social media can be critical to the growth and success of small businesses. Make an impression on your small business with this short social media guide!

You've just opened, even though brunch spots seem to pop on every corner

Imagine you’re a brunch spot owner—let’s call it “Brunchoholics” for the purposes of this post

You have just opened, despite brunch joints popping up on every corner.

It all started great actually; the opening was grand and the customers buzzy. Brunch professionals sipping their arabica as far as the eye could see! You even gained a handful of followers on your social media channels.

And yet, as time passes, you notice that many customers return to the brunch joints they knew before you existed.

Now you’re stuck thinking whether you did something wrong. Was it the coffee or the pancakes? Did your service not meet their standards?

What started as a joyful dream has left you questioning the worth of your business.

Every euro you had was spent on opening this brunch spot. Your marketing budget is beyond limited. And you need customers to stay in business.

Facing such competition in the brunch industry, how do you cultivate a community of brunch enthusiasts who will become Brunchoholics loyals and returning customers?

One solution is to use the power of social media marketing to help you reclaim the customers your business needs to thrive.

When it comes to social media marketing, small businesses face enormous challenges. When budgets are already tight, it can be difficult to invest and see a return on investment.

These five practical steps can be game changers in terms of increasing brand awareness and generating leads via social media. Follow this guide to begin seeing the results you want.

Social media’s infiltration into the lives of internet users has been on the rise. The latest figures show that there are expected to be 3.96 billion social media users worldwide in 2022—a 4.8 percent increase from a year ago. - Oberlo

Analyse what your competitors are up to to formulate your own social media strategy

1st Step: Spy On Your Rivals

This first step is to naturally launch the Brunchoholics social media channels. Then, take a digital stroll and begin analysing what your competitors are up to. Get a better grasp of the niche your business is attempting to conquer.

But first, a few analyses are needed.

Which Is the Right Social Platform?

There are so many social networking channels to pick from that it's tough to predict which will be best for Brunchoholics. However, the company may investigate which social media platforms perform effectively for its rivals and utilise those findings as a springboard for its own social media strategy.

By analysing your competitors’ social platforms and how they are progressing, your business can compare engagement between different channels and better choose which one offers the best chances for success.

Examine the Content and Hashtags of Competitors

With so much rivalry in the brunch sector, Brunchoholics shouldn't merely utilise #brunch with an image of steamy puncakes on its social media accounts. That will not set it apart from other brands.

Instead, our small business should investigate what its rivals are doing with content and hashtags, as well as which ones produce the most interaction. Brunchoholics will need to do some study to see out how creative it can be with its content and which hashtags to employ.

For example, you can use Google Trends which displays top-performing keywords and what the world is searching over a set period of time and see what are the current trends.

Google Trends display top-performing keywords over a period of time

Brunchoholics may examine their competitors' most successful content and apply their winning ideas to make comparable pieces. This strategy has the potential to increase engagement while requiring minimal expenditure.

Analyse How Competitors Advertise

Perhaps Brunchoholics isn't quite ready for commercials yet. However, if the company has a little advertising budget, social media advertising might be a smart option.

Brunchoholics will need to examine its rivals' social media advertisements to ensure that these ads execute optimally. The Facebook Ad Library is an excellent resource for seeing active advertising across all Meta technologies.

Our small business may now see which rivals' advertisements receive the greatest interaction.

2nd Step: Content Strategy

Now that Brunchoholics