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Branding: 4 Reasons Why

Beyond a bold logo, strong branding boosts a company's worth, provides direction and inspiration to its staff, and makes attracting new consumers much easier. So, what is a brand, exactly?

What exactly is a brand?

In short, the answer is everything.

A company's brand is the collection of people's perceptions about its customer service, reputation, advertising, and logo. And when all of these aspects of a business are working as planned, then the entire brand tends to be strong.

1. Branding Boosts Recognition

Take it from the inspiring team at Actors Union Cyprus who have trusted the avocadots to revamp and breathe new digital life into their 60-year cultural organisation. Our friends at the AUC wanted to modernise their brand in time for their 60-year anniversary and introduce more visitors to their timeless work.

For that reason, the AUC wanted to design a logo which better represented their modern image in the hopes of ushering the whole of the organisation into the 21st century. Looking to the avocadots team for inspiration, we created a logo which is simple enough to remind us of the years past but bold enough to excite us for the days ahead. Don't forget to read the whole story here!

A logo is an important component of a brand as it serves as the "face" of a company and is what people immediately recognise when they stumble upon it. A professional logo design is simple enough to be distinctive while still conveying the ideal impression of your brand through unique and bespoke details. It is all about striking that fine balance!

2. Branding Builds Trust

Just like individuals are more likely to buy from a company that appears polished fresh and of course, reputable, customers must feel at ease with the image your brand is pushing.

Your brand and branding elements will be the first point of reference for customers on the search for professionals they can trust with their business. Take a look at Air Control Ltd, one of the largest mechanical contractors in Cyprus. Despite their enormous experience on the field, the AC managing team wanted some help with refreshing their brand. After all, celebrating 40 years at the top merits some new looks.

When repurposing their logo and branding elements, the avocadots made sure to maintain some key aspects of their brand - colours and typography - in order to ensure that trust is not shaken. Loyal customers and curious visitors alike would recognise the logo's regal blue and bold red as elements evoking expertise and trust. As such, while refreshing the whole look we made sure to maintain the brand's core with which so many customers have placed their trust.

Check our post on the importance of colours to find out more about visualisation.

3. Branding Inspires Staff

It's great for your employees! Branding has value within your business as well. Of course, you want your employees to like their jobs and feel like they're part of a team. A company with strong branding will have an easier time convincing employees that they are part of something bigger than just a job.

In addition to branding that can assist attract new customers, you should also invest in branding that helps keep your employees motivated. This involves not only small details like branded attire and items, but also the whole appearance of your office space. You may end up seeing amazing results all around if you can excite your employees by generating a sense of oneness through branding.

4. Branding Fosters Loyalty

You don't want clients who simply recognise your brand and use your services just the once – you want customers who will return. You may give your brand a more 'human' side with good branding, which your clients will relate to more than just a company that is obviously and completely commercial.

You may use branding to appeal to people's emotions and make them feel more connected to your organisation in a variety of ways. Branding allows you to form connections with your target audience, which can lead to them becoming returning visitors and eventually, loyal consumers. You can build a brand that people care about and push yourself ahead of competitors who aren't taking advantage of this.

Branding allows you to form connections with your target audience

If you are still unsure about how to get everything in order, fear not! We have prepared just the service to help you get your digital affairs in order and it all starts with that button below - click away and speak to you soon!

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