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Transform Digital Advertising into One of Your Main Customer-Sales Acquisition Channels 


At avocadots, we specialize in Social Media Management, Social Media Advertising, and Google Search Ads, to boost your brand's exposure.


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Why chooose

Welcome to avocadots Design Studio, a fresh digital marketing agency that does things differently. Our young team revolutionizes the industry with innovative advertising techniques and laser-focused audience targeting.


Meta Business, Facebook, and Instagram advertising certified experts, we've grown our fully remote digital studio by building a strong digital presence.  

Our Success Stories

We have worked with a diverse range of clients across various industries, driving growth and achieving success. We have collaborated with the largest Mechanical Constructors in Cyprus, NGOs in Hong Kong, top LED-light designers in France, and multiple retail stores.


Streamline Your Social Media Strategy!

Social Media Advertising Services 

At avocadots, every campaign is a step towards building a steady customer acquisition channel. We specialize in Facebook and Instagram advertising, and our daily tasks include: 

  • A/B Testing: Ensuring data-driven decision-making 

  • Target Audience Research: Identifying and refining the most relevant audience for your ads. 

  • Visuals and Captions: Crafting eye-catching visuals and persuasive captions that drive conversions. 

Streamline Your Social Media Strategy!

Customized Strategy and Approach 

We understand that every business is unique. Whether you're selling sports shoes, cosmetics, or business services, we take the time to understand your unique selling proposition and tailor our strategy accordingly.

Our approach is flexible and adapts to the specific needs of your business. 


Streamline Your Social Media Strategy!

Budgeting, Reporting and Transparency 

We prioritize transparency and provide monthly performance reports to keep you informed about your ad spend and campaign objectives. You'll always know where your budget is being used and the progress towards your goals. 


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Pricing Plans
and Consultation

Our pricing plans range from just €150 to €2,000 per month, depending on your needs, strategy, and business goals. Whether you're looking to build awareness gradually or go viral in just 6 months, we can help.  

Here is why businesses trust avocadots.

"Thanks to avocadots digital marketing services, our online presence has grown tremendously, and we've seen a significant increase in traffic and sales."

Andreas Tselepos
CEO of Actors Union Cyprus

"The avocadots team is creative, efficient, and dedicated to achieving our marketing goals. We're thrilled with the results they've delivered."

Andreas Tselepos
CEO of Actors Union Cyprus

"Choosing avocadots for our digital marketing needs was one of our best decisions. Their strategies have helped us reach new customers and build brand awareness."

Andreas Tselepos
CEO of Actors Union Cyprus


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Schedule a free 30-minute consultation with Andreas, our digital marketing expert, to discover how avocadots can help you achieve your business goals. 

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