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The Phonics School when met avocadots already had a website. However, it was an outdated website created very long ago. As their business rapidly evolved and taking students from all over the world, they needed a professional touch. Our studio has designed a website with custom elements for each of their programs and branding it to their target audience! The results speak themselves.

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The Process

Starting with a Zoom call discussing with Suzi & Sophie to grasp their vision, understanding their business then poof, a brand-new fresh website was developed!

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The Work

A redesign of an old website resulting in create a new website from scratch. Embedding a system to book trial classes online and other programmes!

The Phonics School




The Phonics School delivery online and live English lessons with the mission to teach English the British way. They meet avocadots Online and that’s where the digital presence has been transformed.

The Phonics School
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