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The Human Rights Legal Project (HRLP) is a legal aid organization defending the rights of individuals in Greece. The organization is unique in challenging the systemic and individual human rights abuses that fall outside of the asylum process, including the criminalization of asylum seekers, pushbacks, arbitrary detention, and denial of access to healthcare. By providing free legal aid, they support displaced people to access the justice system, and realize their rights.

Services Provided:


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avocadots was challenged to create a website to promote HRLP's mission, provide information about the organization and put a primary focus on a donation CTA to support their mission.


The project began with a detailed meeting with the HRLP team to gather information and understand the goals and aspirations. We then broke down the written content into sections that allow the user to read without getting overwhelmed. We utilized bold typography to symbolize the organization’s resolute and determined steps and a trust-evoking blue color palette to evoke a sense of trust, credibility, and compassion while reflecting the organization's dedication to safeguarding human rights. This allowed us to finalize the website and put it live for the world to see!


Our collaboration with the Human Rights Legal Project (HRLP) resulted in significant achievements beyond the project's initial goals. The website played a pivotal role in bolstering HRLP's reputation, imbuing the organization with a more trusted and authoritative image. By fostering awareness and forging connections within the global community of human rights advocates, the website has positioned HRLP as a steadfast defender of fundamental rights while serving as a vital resource for those in search of support.

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