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Fractal Networx

We designed a unified brand identity and created four distinct yet interconnected websites for Fractal and its sub-brands, showcasing their advanced infrastructure protection and Command and Control systems.

Services Provided:


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The primary challenge was to design a cohesive brand identity and multiple websites that not only stand alone but also function together under the Fractal brand. It was crucial to balance distinctiveness with unity, allowing each sub-brand to shine in its own right while contributing to a cohesive perception of Fractal.


Our approach involved deep collaboration with Fractal to understand the core attributes and market positioning of each sub-brand. We then crafted a branding strategy that employs a consistent framework but allows for variations in design elements to highlight the unique identity of Orion, Argus, and Sigint. Each website was built to showcase specific technologies and solutions, with navigation and content strategies designed to reflect both the individuality of the sub-brand and the integrative vision of Fractal.


The outcome is a robust set of four interlinked websites that successfully represent Fractal and its sub-brands as leaders in the field of critical infrastructure protection. Each site functions as a distinct entity yet is clearly part of the larger Fractal family, providing a comprehensive overview of the range of technologies and solutions offered. This strategic branding and web development initiative has enhanced Fractal’s market presence, underscoring its commitment to innovation and security in critical infrastructure sectors.

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