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We launched an e-commerce platform for Ecoset, showcasing their handcrafted, eco-friendly furniture and decor, all made from upcycled ceramic and marble.

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The challenge was to create an online shopping experience that does justice to the unique, handcrafted nature of Ecoset’s products while effectively communicating their sustainability mission. The website needed to be visually appealing to highlight the products’ beauty and detailed enough to inform about their eco-friendly origins.


Our approach centered on visual storytelling and clear, informative content. We chose a layout that allows Ecoset’s products to shine, with high-quality images that capture the materials' textures and colors. The website’s design mirrors the brand’s eco-conscious values, using clean lines and a natural color palette that complements the products. We included detailed descriptions for each item, explaining the materials’ origins and the craftsmanship involved, alongside a streamlined purchasing process to make acquiring these unique pieces as simple and enjoyable as possible.


The result is a bespoke e-commerce platform that beautifully showcases Ecoset’s handcrafted, sustainable furniture and decor. It’s more than just a shop; it’s a window into the ethos of Ecoset, inviting customers not only to browse and buy but to become part of a larger narrative of environmental responsibility and innovative design. The website has successfully broadened Ecoset’s reach, connecting them with eco-conscious consumers worldwide and facilitating the growth of their business in the sustainable goods market.

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