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Battery Associates

We created a comprehensive branding and website for Battery Associates, reflecting their dedication to sustainable battery innovation and their multidisciplinary approach.

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The challenge was to encapsulate the innovative and sustainability-focused mission of Battery Associates into a cohesive brand identity and website. It was crucial to communicate the complex, multidisciplinary nature of their work in an accessible and engaging way, ensuring the brand and platform would effectively reach and resonate with a diverse audience.


Our approach centered around thorough research to deeply understand Battery Associates' mission, target audience, and industry trends. This informed the development of a unique brand identity that truly reflects their values and goals. The website was crafted with this branding at its core, utilizing a mix of informative content, compelling imagery, and elements from the brand book to create a dynamic and informative user experience. Special attention was given to how the website could serve as an educational tool, showcasing Battery Associates' innovative solutions and their impact on sustainable battery development.


The completion of Battery Associates' branding and website represents a harmonious blend of innovation, sustainability, and engagement. The brand book has become a cornerstone of their identity, guiding all aspects of their communication and outreach. The website stands as a testament to their pioneering work in the battery sector, effectively conveying the importance of sustainable innovation and inviting stakeholders to explore the possibilities of cutting-edge battery solutions. It's a platform that not only highlights Battery Associates' expertise but also serves as a beacon for sustainable progress in the industry.

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