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All Sounds

AllSounds helps Russian speaking children all over the world improve their speech by giving them more communication experience with language specialists through online classes and playful environments that reassures parent. Some of their services include sound correction, reading training, toddler speech development and mastering the Russian language.

Services Provided:


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avocadots was challenged to create a clean, intuitive design and a hassle-free enrollment process, the website effectively conveys a friendly atmosphere while delivering a top-quality user experience.


As with all our projects we began by researching the competition and similar offerings to form a clear picture of the most important aspects that need to be showcased on the website. After meeting with the team, we were able to grab all the necessary details to understand the service. Using our UI/UX expertise we then developed concept screens to check user navigation, engagement and flow which was shared with AllSounds’s team. We’ve then developed the first version of the platform which was then readjusted after the first feedback round. This allowed us to finalize the website and put it live for the world to see!


avocadots delivered the AllSounds website, complete with a playful tone and a friendly environment in mind, achieved remarkable success. Its clean design and user-friendly enrollment process made it exceptionally welcoming for parents and children alike. AllSounds now stands as a shining example of how a website can effectively convey warmth and professionalism while delivering crucial educational services to young learners.

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