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Globe Invest

We established a unique brand and website for Globe Invest Limited, highlighting their premium, strategic approach to managing Teddy Sagi's portfolio with a design that speaks to exclusivity and legacy.

Services Provided:


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Creating a brand and website that accurately reflects Globe Invest's stature and approach required a deep understanding of the family office landscape and the ability to convey complex financial strategies in an accessible manner. The goal was to articulate the exclusivity and strategic depth of Globe Invest's services, appealing to a sophisticated audience while maintaining a sense of legacy and trust.


Our strategy focused on developing a premium brand identity that resonates with the values and aspirations of leading family offices worldwide. This involved choosing a design direction that communicates strategy, commitment, and exclusivity, employing a palette of sophisticated visuals and colors. The website was designed as an extension of this brand identity, with a layout that facilitates easy navigation through Globe Invest’s philosophy, services, and portfolio, ensuring a seamless user experience that reflects the firm’s high standards and strategic focus.


The resulting brand identity and website for Globe Invest Limited are a testament to the firm’s leading position in the management of family wealth. The brand resonates with the characteristics of the world's most prestigious family offices, while the website serves as a powerful tool to showcase Globe Invest's commitment to strategic growth and wealth preservation. It provides a comprehensive overview of their services, encapsulating the premium, strategic, and committed approach Globe Invest takes in managing Teddy Sagi's extensive portfolio and legacy.

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