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Digital Marketing Services starting from 150€ - Transform your Business into a Sales Acquisition Channel. 

At avocadots, we specialize in Social Media Management, Social Media Advertising, and Google Search Ads, to boost your brand's exposure.



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We Offer Customized Strategies for Every Client 

Social Media Management

Content Planning

Collaborative process

 Major Clients Experience

Social Media Advertising & Marketing 

Campaign optimization

Content Creation

High Conversions

Google Search Ads

Keyword Research, 

Transparent reporting

Customized strategies

We believe that each client, industry, and business is unique. Our approach involves understanding your specific needs and crafting tailored strategies that deliver the best results.  


Whether you're selling sports shoes, cosmetics, or business services, we have the expertise to create a winning plan for your brand. 


Streamline Your Social Media Strategy!

Social Media

Take control of your brand's online presence with our expert social media services.

  • Boost brand and online presence

  • Engaging content that resonates

  • We handle content creation, scheduling, and posting

  • Monthly content calendars for transparency

  • Improved customer engagement

Powering Engagement and Amplifying Brands!

Social Media Advertising & Marketing 

Transform your brand's reach and customer acquisition with cutting-edge social media advertising and marketing.

  • Campaign optimization, A/B testing

  • Target audience research 

  • Expertise in ad formats and content creation 

  • Transforming campaigns into steady customer acquisition channels 


Unlocking the Potential of Google Search!

Google Search Ads

Dominate search results and drive high-quality traffic to your website with our Google Search Ads services. 

  • Boost visibility on Google search

  • Targeted keyword selection and bidding

  • Continuous campaign monitoring and optimization

  • Transparent reporting to track progress

  • Access to certified Google Ads professionals

Transparent Reporting 

We believe in complete transparency when it comes to your digital marketing efforts. Our team provides regular performance reports, keeping you informed about how your budget has been utilized and the progress of your campaigns.


Stay up to date and confident in the results we're achieving together. 


Here is why businesses trust avocadots.

"Thanks to avocadots digital marketing services, our online presence has grown tremendously, and we've seen a significant increase in traffic and sales."

Andreas Tselepos
CEO of Actors Union Cyprus

"The avocadots team is creative, efficient, and dedicated to achieving our marketing goals. We're thrilled with the results they've delivered."

Andreas Tselepos
CEO of Actors Union Cyprus

"Choosing avocadots for our digital marketing needs was one of our best decisions. Their strategies have helped us reach new customers and build brand awareness."

Andreas Tselepos
CEO of Actors Union Cyprus

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Schedule a free 30-minute consultation with Andreas, our digital marketing expert, to discover how avocadots can help you achieve your business goals. 

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